Here’s How We Can Assist You

AAC Evaluation

We conduct thorough AAC evaluations to determine the most appropriate AAC device for each individual. Our experienced professionals assess language skills, cognitive abilities, motor skills, and individual preferences. This evaluation helps us understand the specific needs and goals of the patient.

AAC Treatment

We provide personalized treatment plans based on the evaluation results. Our therapy sessions focus on improving language skills, promoting functional communication, and enhancing overall communication effectiveness. We use evidence-based strategies and techniques to maximize communication outcomes.

AAC Devices

AAC devices are powerful tools that support communication for individuals with speech and language difficulties. They come in various forms, such as dedicated communication devices, speech-generating devices, communication apps, and other assistive technologies.

AAC Device Selection

We stay updated with the latest AAC technology. Our team has expertise in different AAC devices and assists in selecting the most suitable device based on individual needs, preferences, and capabilities.

Learn to Communicate

We guide individuals on how to effectively use AAC devices for communication. Our therapists provide hands-on training, teaching techniques, and strategies to optimize communication using AAC devices.

If you or a loved one could benefit from an AAC evaluation, therapy services, or assistance with AAC device selection, contact Metro Speech Therapy today. Our compassionate professionals are dedicated to empowering individuals with effective communication skills and improving their quality of life. Let us help you on your communication journey.