Addressing Oral Motor Skills

We focus on enhancing oral motor skills to improve swallowing, chewing, and overall oral coordination. Through specialized exercises and activities, we help individuals strengthen their oral muscles and develop efficient and safe swallowing patterns.

Sensory Integration Techniques

We incorporate sensory integration techniques to address sensory sensitivities that may contribute to feeding difficulties. Our therapists create a supportive and comfortable environment, gradually introducing different textures, tastes, and temperatures to expand food acceptance.

Behavioral Strategies

We employ behavioral strategies to address aversions, mealtime routines, and anxiety related to feeding. Our team works closely with individuals and families to develop positive mealtime experiences and promote healthy eating habits.

If you or your child is experiencing feeding difficulties, our Feeding Therapy Program can help. Contact Metro Speech Therapy today to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can support you. Let us guide you or your loved ones toward enjoyable and nourishing mealtime experiences.